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Organic Argan Oil Has Proven Anti-Aging Effects

ETB_Organic_Argan_Oil__94175.1414677496.1280.1280Before the onslaught of modern technology and fine produces of the synthetic materials, humans depended solely on nature to fulfill all material needs. There are plants, fruits and seeds of different types that are meant to provide humans with the necessary nutrition for a healthy body. Many of the fine extracts from the produce of nature have almost past into oblivion due to the predominance of synthetic and manufactured goods. The Argan oil that is obtained from the tropical Morocco is one such.

The liquid gold

The pure Organic Argan Oil is known as ‘liquid gold’ for being richly laden with properties of antioxidants and anti-ageing agents like Vitamin E, omega 6 among others. Application of this oil helps the skin restore it’s original youthfulness and hair remains lustrous and shiny. It is also known to prevent hair from falling and regenerate growth. Cosmetics are increasingly making use of this oil that the native women made use of for their household earlier. The oil is a good day or night cream and also helps in relieving any kind of skin problem.

Rejuvenating from within

While the external application of the Argan oil is beneficial to the skin, the regular intake of the Chaga Mushroom tea that is found to grow on the trees in cold climates prevent the free radicals in your system from acting and stops aging. Ancient cultures and civilizations in the orient regularly made use of the Chaga tea to help them retain general good health. In the process, they were also able to retain their youthful looks due to the high percentage of the anti-oxidants that are present in it.

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Learn how to efficiently take care of your hair … Naturally !

Masks , shampoos, right moves … learn how to efficiently take care of your hair … naturally !

Argan oil benefits

For oily hair:

In a bowl , put 2 tablespoons (or tea) green clay . Stir a little water and mix until slightly thick and smooth. Then add 2 drops of essential oil of ylang -ylang for its restorative properties. Then make a line on the middle of the hair and apply the mask directly on the scalp. Massage to distribute the oil mix. Then make another stripe on the side and repeat . Continue until the mask is applied all over the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Then do your usual shampoo .

For dry hair:

Argan oil has excellent nourishing properties , which is ideal for rather dry hair. Simply apply argan oil directly on the tips. Tie your hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes . Rinse and your usual shampoo .

For the Skin:

Moroccans known for millennia, the oil is used in cooking and as a cosmetic in its un-roasted version to moisturize skin and hair.

The multiple benefits of argan oil: on the skin and plate ” In traditional medicine , is used for the treatment of juvenile acne , chicken pox , rheumatism and for prevention of atherosclerosis . It is also recommended for irritations , eczema , chapped skin and burns. ”

Its moisturizing effect is explained by its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains 45 % omega -9 ( oleic acid ) and 35 % omega -6 ( linoleic acid ) . Omega- 9 are known for their beneficial effect on heart health . Omega-6s are also considered good fats , but in excess, they can affect the action of omega -3 in the body.

Argan oil also contains many antioxidants recognized for its anticancer effects. ” Biochemical compounds of known argan oil, but most of its benefits assumptions are based on composition rather than on clinical trials themselves ,” however accurate.

To get the full benefits of argan oil, you should look for those specific characteristics:

  • Certified Organic
  • Cold-pressed to preserve all the nutrients (Especially Vitamin E)
  • Morocco as a country of origin, the argan tree grows only in Morocco.
  • 100% Pure, no additives or mixed with other oils.
  • Clear gold color.
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Who else wants healthy shiny hair and skin?

High Quality Organic Argan Oil at Low Price

The Organic Argan Oil also referred to as “liquid gold”; is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree. The tree is native to the land of the Berber, a tribe found in Morocco. For hundreds of years, the Berber have used its oil for a number of uses including to nourish the hair and applying on the skin. There are rumors that groves of these trees can live between 125 to 450 years.

The oil has also been used for the skin care of infants; it has an antioxidant capability and vitamins that play a major role in cell renewal.  Whereas the oil has been used in Morocco for many centuries, it is quite a discovery in the US, Europe and Canada.

What has generated the interest all over a sudden? Well, the oil extracted from the Argan tree is definitely one of the best and natural cosmetic oils there is. Other properties that make this oil the “liquid gold” are the natural and active ingredients it contains: omega 6, antioxidant and vitamin E which play a very crucial role in cell renewal. The oil will reduce wrinkles and nourish the skin. This together with its antioxidant property make it one of the most effective and expensive oils in the market today.

Members of the Berber tribe are still involved in harvesting the oil. They still use traditional means which the older generations passed down to them. These methods are effective and time consuming. The Berber do not complain as they are able to sustain themselves using the proceeds they collect from selling the oil.

In order to get the most out of this natural product, a modernized extraction technique is used. This is less time consuming compared to traditional means. The product is also of a higher quality. The techniques are environment friendly as they do not deplete the trees in the region.

How do you use Argan oil to nourish the hair, reduce wrinkles and nourish the skin? For strong hair full of vitality and rich in color, apply the oil about an hour before shampooing your hair. You should then wash and rinse. A word of caution, use a little amount on the scalp. You can also use the oil to protect your hair from drying up as a result of too much heat, chlorine or sea salt.

Tips on how to apply Argan oil on your skin; first, pour some considerable amount and massage gently on your bed.  Make circular motions. To apply the oil in your face, follow the outlined shape. For cheeks, suddenly move your fingers then reassemble them as if you intended to make a natural skin sag. The oil can be used instead of a regular night cream.

Applying Argan oil on the face revitalizes, moisturizes and softens the skin, protects it from dehydration and most of all remove acne. The oil also reduces chapping and cracking of the skin caused by the cold winter. For cleansed and radiant skin, you know what to look for.

You can order Organic Argan oil online here.

By Teddy Nseir

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