Learn how to efficiently take care of your hair … Naturally !

Masks , shampoos, right moves … learn how to efficiently take care of your hair … naturally !

Argan oil benefits

For oily hair:

In a bowl , put 2 tablespoons (or tea) green clay . Stir a little water and mix until slightly thick and smooth. Then add 2 drops of essential oil of ylang -ylang for its restorative properties. Then make a line on the middle of the hair and apply the mask directly on the scalp. Massage to distribute the oil mix. Then make another stripe on the side and repeat . Continue until the mask is applied all over the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Then do your usual shampoo .

For dry hair:

Argan oil has excellent nourishing properties , which is ideal for rather dry hair. Simply apply argan oil directly on the tips. Tie your hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes . Rinse and your usual shampoo .

For the Skin:

Moroccans known for millennia, the oil is used in cooking and as a cosmetic in its un-roasted version to moisturize skin and hair.

The multiple benefits of argan oil: on the skin and plate ” In traditional medicine , is used for the treatment of juvenile acne , chicken pox , rheumatism and for prevention of atherosclerosis . It is also recommended for irritations , eczema , chapped skin and burns. ”

Its moisturizing effect is explained by its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. It contains 45 % omega -9 ( oleic acid ) and 35 % omega -6 ( linoleic acid ) . Omega- 9 are known for their beneficial effect on heart health . Omega-6s are also considered good fats , but in excess, they can affect the action of omega -3 in the body.

Argan oil also contains many antioxidants recognized for its anticancer effects. ” Biochemical compounds of known argan oil, but most of its benefits assumptions are based on composition rather than on clinical trials themselves ,” however accurate.

To get the full benefits of argan oil, you should look for those specific characteristics:

  • Certified Organic
  • Cold-pressed to preserve all the nutrients (Especially Vitamin E)
  • Morocco as a country of origin, the argan tree grows only in Morocco.
  • 100% Pure, no additives or mixed with other oils.
  • Clear gold color.
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